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Child prodigies are rare but you never know where the next genius is born. To unearth such rare talents, MASS has taken the initiative to provide access to quality education in Chitral, one of the underdeveloped areas of Pakistan. Claiming some of the most beautiful yet treacherous terrains on earth and coupled with lack of transportation, many areas of Chitral suffer access to basic essentials of life. Quality education is one of them. Either a child undertakes labor work or treads large distances to reach a partially built government school. A treacherous walk that kills a dream that was yet to establish its path to success. Help MASS become a beacon of hope for all those children, who have dreams to shape and conquer. MASS serves the purpose of brightening the path of a child, who holds the fate of becoming the next Einstein or Mozart of his time.

About the Author: Adnan Ali

Adnan Ali is doing his Bachelor of Science (BS) Economics from NUST, Pakistan. Before joining MASS, he has worked with Aga Khan local education board, Karachi. He is also working in Chitral with various local organizations for social upliftment of poverty-stricken areas, women empowerment and promoting quality education. Adnan Ali is an alumnus of AKHSS Chitral. Through social media platforms, he has gathered a large community of graduates from the institute to debate on different social issues happening in Chitral.

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