Our Work

Upper Chitral is the newly formed district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa situated in the extreme north of Pakistan bordering the Wakhan corridor. Because of the remoteness of the region, most of the people either rely on farming or daily wage labor in the cities to run their households. A major challenge faced by Upper Chitral is the lack of opportunities for the young generation to pursue education in well-reputed schools, colleges and universities in Chitral. The students have had to give up their high education due to economic constraints and lack of financial stability despite passing very competitive and rigorous entry tests.

Consider this enormous challenge to the quality education in Upper Chitral, MASS has taken the initiative to support gifted students to study from top-notch educational institutions to accomplish their educational dreams and ambitions. Through the educational scholarship program, MASS wants to ensure that no child is left behind in education due to economic constraints. Once the students enroll in quality education, they in turn become mentors for others during summer breaks, thus changing the fate of the marginalized area. Our hope is for them to continue to flourish in their educational endeavors. With the generous contributions from our donors, we want to make education possible for the under-resourced yet highly ambitious and talented students from Upper Chitral.


Jamil is an 8th grader from Boroghil valley who is receiving quality secondary education from Angola School, Rawalpindi. MASS is providing scholarship funds from him to continue to pursue higher education outside the Boroghil area.


Jahan’s father is a day laborer and unable to supplement his tuition. He has a passion for learning and has continued to shine in his elementary school years. Jahan is passionate about continuing his secondary education at a private institution and is able to continue his educational journey with the MASS scholarship program.


Atta Ur Rehman belongs to a large family. With one income to support all his siblings, his father was unable to supplement his education. With a stellar academic position throughout his earlier school years, his family approached MASS to support his educational pursuits in a private institution. He now enrolled in a higher secondary program with the MASS scholarship program.


Amiruddin’s family relies on a single laborer income with 4 children. With his passion for learning and continually achieving stellar grades, he is now enrolled in a higher secondary school with the MASS scholarship program.