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Chitral was the largest district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan until it’s division into Lower and Upper Chitral situated in the extreme north of the country bordering the Wakhan corridor and Afghanistan. Because of the remoteness of the region, most of the people either rely on farming or migrate to the cities for daily wage labour to run their households. Despite its location in a geographical position that is close to extremism within Pakistan and across the border, the people of Chitral have maintained a peaceful environment with their love for education. A major challenge faced by Chitral is the lack of opportunities for the young generations to pursue education in well-reputed schools, colleges, and universities in Chitral. The students have to give up their dreams of higher education due to economic constraints and lack of financial stability despite passing very competitive and rigorous entry tests in various education department across the country. This situation is specially challenging for the female students who have all the abilities to do wonders in their fields of study but are helpless due to the financial situation of their families where sons are proffered to get education in order to support their families.

Considering this enormous challenge to the quality education in Chitral, MASS has taken the initiative to support gifted students to study at top-notch educational institutions to accomplish their educational dreams and ambitions. Through the educational scholarship program, MASS wants to ensure that no child is left behind in education due to economic constraints. Once the students enroll in a quality education system, they in turn become mentors for others during summer breaks, thus changing the fate of the marginalized area. Our hope is for them to continue to flourish in their educational endeavors. With the generous contributions from our donors, we want to make education possible for the under-resourced yet highly ambitious and talented students of Chitral.

Rehmat Aziz, 14 years old, comes from a remote area of Saleemabad in Broghil. The family of 10 depends on his father, a local farmer, who is the sole provider for the family. In 2017, Rehmat, along with his brother, went to Gilgit to look for opportunities to continue his education. He was enrolled in Diamond Jubilee School Passu, a village in the district of Hunza, and he started to live there with a host family. Living far away was hard for Rehmat at such a young age, but he was determined to keep pushing to pursue his education.

During the 3 years, it was not easy for him to manage his studies along with other domestic and agricultural chores as well as collecting fuel and fodder for the host family throughout the year. Despite these hardships, he managed to pass the 8th grade. The school head where he had been studying directly contacted MASS to support Rehmat. She says in her letter, “I find him a good individual and student who can achieve academic excellence if given a conducive learning environment and financial support.”

Rehmat Aziz is now thriving in his new school in Rawalpindi. He is a hard-working student who wants to be a pilot. While talking to MASS, he shared that “they (MASS) pay all my school and living expenses, which my parents were not able to pay. I am very thankful to MASS, who have helped us a lot.”

Kashmala Hayat is a 16-year-old girl from Booni, Chitral. She is a determined student who has faced many challenges since childhood, but she remains steadfast in her desire to continue her education to become a doctor one day. With no other source of income, the family does subsistence farming on their small piece of land. Her parents have seen the spark of leadership in their daughter and want to support her to continue her education.

When she was in 10th grade, she applied for a MASS scholarship. After acquiring the scholarship, the hard-working student passed the board exams, with flying colors. Kashmala’s family wanted to continue her education but could only afford her studies at a government college. But her unwavering resolve got her admission in 11th grade to the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS) in Kuragh, Chitral. Kashmala was happy that she qualified for AKHSS, which is one of the best educational institutions, but she was concerned about all the financial constraints her family was facing. At the request of Kashmala’s mother, the MASS scholarship program assured to support her and will continue to fund her so that she can pursue her education and become a future leader and changemaker for her community.

Kashmala says, “I have a dream of excelling in the field of medicine. I aim to serve my community. My current school is the best we have in our region, with trained teachers who are supportive of us.”

Farooq from Awi Chitral, is one of the brilliant students who is studying at Hasan Academy Islamabad. Farooq was born as a normal child. Unfortunately, in his early childhood, Farooq fell down and lost his hearing from a head injury. His parents couldn’t afford his treatment. As a result, he lost his hearing and stopped talking.

Around two years ago, one of our MASS volunteers contacted us with his story. With the help of our kindhearted friend, amazing team, and generous donors, we took him to Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, for treatment. Farooq’s hearing improved, and he started talking again; however, as a long time had elapsed between his accident and treatment, he couldn’t get his hearing back completely. MASS then decided to send him to Hasan Academy Islamabad, which is a school for special children. At Hasan Academy in Islamabad, MASS provides scholarships for all his expenses. Farooq is a shining star, and is achieving excellence in his studies. A few months ago, Farooq met the then President of Pakistan, Dr. Alvi, with his fellow students for his best performance in school. Farooq and many other MASS recipients are grateful to the MASS team, volunteers, and our generous donors for changing and saving their lives.


Jamil is an 8th grader from Boroghil valley who is receiving quality secondary education from Angola School, Rawalpindi. MASS is providing scholarship funds from him to continue to pursue higher education outside the Boroghil area.


Jahan’s father is a day laborer and unable to supplement his tuition. He has a passion for learning and has continued to shine in his elementary school years. Jahan is passionate about continuing his secondary education at a private institution and is able to continue his educational journey with the MASS scholarship program.


Atta Ur Rehman belongs to a large family. With one income to support all his siblings, his father was unable to supplement his education. With a stellar academic position throughout his earlier school years, his family approached MASS to support his educational pursuits in a private institution. He now enrolled in a higher secondary program with the MASS scholarship program.


Amiruddin’s family relies on a single laborer income with 4 children. With his passion for learning and continually achieving stellar grades, he is now enrolled in a higher secondary school with the MASS scholarship program.